Our approach to environmental management

Our approach to environmental management 

Our efforts are geared towards the management of environmental indicators associated with the design, construction and operation phases of our portfolio.


Sustainable Design and Construction

In order to develop projects with an orientation towards the well-being of people and the efficient use of natural resources, we consider sustainability criteria in the design and construction of our assets.

Connectivity and low-emission transportation

Most of our current portfolio has quick and close access to public transportation, infrastructure for widespread bicycle use and advances in electromobility with chargers for electric cars.

Efficiency by design

We sought to incorporate infrastructure and solutions that allow us to control the use of water and energy, such as efficient sanitary artifacts and equipment. We also evaluated the characteristics of the surroundings of the new developments, which allows us to create a unique design for each property we add. In some cases we use open architecture that does not require the intensive use of climate control and lighting. 

High-standard materials and networks

Our projects are developed with high quality, durable materials. We prioritize the use of materials provided by local companies or those located close to our projects. In regard to infrastructure, we favor the use of elements with recycled content, such as steel and paints made from recycled materials. 

Green walls and areas

We were pioneers in designing and including green walls in our shopping centers. These facilities allow us to block direct solar radiation, operating as a ventilated facade and facilitating climate insulation and the reduction of pollution in urban environments. In order to optimize water use, green walls include plant species with low water needs, a drip irrigation system and a water recirculation system.

Sustainable Operations

We continuously work on the management of our environmental indicators in order to achieve continuous improvement and greater operational efficiency.


Our management approaches and criteria

Climate change management

We recognize climate change as a risk that could have implications for industry and the normal operation of shopping centers, as well as people’s daily lives.

Over the past few years, we have focused on better understanding our exposure to the environmental effects and risks in the areas in which we operate. This has helped us to create a road map that progressively shapes our work in Chile, Peru and Colombia.

Our road map for climate change management