Our Risk Management Model

It establishes procedures to identify, analyze, mitigate, quantify and monitor risk in order to influence development and fulfillment of organizational objectives of any nature, including financial, environmental and social objectives. In addition, the Company uses its map of critical processes and risks to draft its annual master plan and internal audit program.

(Español) Nos orientamos a trabajar en un proceso y una política que nos ayuda a revisar y definir controles vinculados con la gestión de riesgos internos. Este proceso observa y está basado en las mejores prácticas y estándares internacionales:

Steps in the risk management process

 fact-finfingdesignconstructionimplementationongoing monitoring
Internal audits
Process-subprocess mapping
Redefine taxonomy
Qualitative and quantitative classification
Accounting-process relationship
Risk rating and weighting
Process rating and weighting
Impact and probability levels
Tool assessmentOngoing monitoring
deliverablesList of risk
List of process
Risk Policy
Update Risk Methodology
Definitive Taxonomy
Process Mapping
Risk Mapping
Risk-Process Matrix
Risk systemOngoing monitoring

Crime prevention

Our Crime Prevention Model consists of ongoing monitoring through controls on processes and/or situations that could pose a risk in terms of the provisions of Law 20,939 (money laundering, terrorism finance and bribery).

Our Crime Prevention Model is evaluated by an independent certification firm, which corroborates compliance with related policies, standards and procedures.