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Surprising our customers


Carolina visits to see the latest trends in fashion and where to find these trends at Parque Arauco.

Revista Detalle is a new tool to communicate with our customers and a platform for trends and experiences that links our customers to the latest trends in fashion, design, gastronomy and culture. It as an exploratory tool that enables our customers to discover where they can find the latest trends and experiences in Parque Arauco.


Carolina visits Parque Arauco with her daughter and, thanks to Arauco TAG technology, the parking barrier opens automatically. When she decides to leave, Carolina won’t have to queue to pay for parking.

Arauco Tag is a system that allows the Parque Arauco parking barriers to open automatically when they detect the Costanera Norte Tag, recording the vehicle’s entry and exit time. Costanera Norte calculates the amount to be paid and includes it on a monthly invoice sent to its customers. To activate the service, our customers can go to and sign an authorization for Parque Arauco parking charges to be included on the Costanera Norte invoice.


Carolina uses the Arauco Mapps mobile app to georeference the parking spot where she parked her car. This way, Carolina and her daughter won’t lose time looking for their car when they leave. Also, Arauco Mapps gives them precise instructions to find the new Victoria´s Secret they are looking for.

Arauco Mapps is the first indoor georeference mobile app in a shopping center in Latin America. With Arauco Mapps, our customers can “pin” where they parked their car and find it easily when they leave. Also, they can find whichever store or restaurant they want and the application provides precise instructions on how to arrive.


Carolina walks with her daughter towards the new Victoria´s Secret store. But before they arrive, they find the first Forever 21 store in the country so they decide to go in.

There is a lot of interest from our tenants to be a part of our shopping centers. In 2014, several tenants chose to open their first store in the country in a Parque Arauco shopping center. Examples of these in 2014 include the opening of Aeropostale and Café Paul in Chile, and UGG and Desigual in Peru.


Carolina and her daughter found what they were shopping for and are now looking for some entertainment. They decide to see a 4DX movie in the cinema.

The Parque Arauco shopping centers have a variety of entertainment options for the community. In large cities, our regional shopping centers have various entertainment options such as cinemas, theaters, bowling alleys and even ice-skating rinks. In medium-sized cities, our shopping centers often have the only cinema or arcade for children in the city. In 2014 in our Larcomar shopping center in Lima we inaugurated a cultural section with the largest bookstore in Peru.


Carolina and her daughter have been out together all afternoon. They decide to stay and eat at one of the excellent restaurants in the gastronomic boulevard.

In 2003, we inaugurated the first gastronomic boulevard in a Chilean shopping center. We have successfully taken this concept outside the country to places that were not used to having restaurants in a shopping center. In 2014, we improved the mix of the restaurant boulevard in Arauco Maipu, Parque Arauco Kennedy, Larcomar, Parque Lambramani and MegaPlaza Norte.