Ethics and compliance

Since the Company’s founding, its business policies and practices have been based on ethical behavior and regulatory compliance

Our Code of Business Conduct is an additional tool that specifies the basic, non-negotiable behavior, whether acting individually or collectively, that is mandatory for everyone in the Company and its subsidiaries.


EthicsPoint es un canal abierto a los grupos de interés, sean clientes, locatarios, usuarios, trabajadores, proveedores, inversionistas, accionistas, vecinos, y comunidad en general, para que a través de una vía simple, informen de modo anónimo y confidencial las irregularidades, uso inadecuado de bienes o recursos de la Compañía, conductas abusivas de ésta, violaciones al ordenamiento jurídico vigente o incumplimiento de nuestras políticas corporativas.

Nuestro compromiso es asegurar un adecuado y efectivo seguimiento de estas denuncias, con la finalidad de cumplir con los mayores estándares éticos y de integridad.

Para acceder a EthicsPoint haga click aquí.

The Ethics Committee was created to lend support, objectivity and rigor to the process of investigating reported situations that directly threaten the Company’s ethical principles or put the Company at risk of poor practices that affect the integrity of our business. The committee, comprised of executives from the Controller’s office and the Legal and Human Resources areas, reviews each case on the basis of information received and data gathered through inquiries. The process ends with a report containing conclusions and measures to be adopted as a result of the complaint

Our Supplier Code Conduct is an additional tool that establishes the framework in which we relate to suppliers, including the values and principles we expect both parties to follow.

Supplier Code of Conduct (Spanish)