Responsible Business and Professional Excellence

Board Structure

A professional board of directors, with relevant industry experience and a long-term vision, leads Parque Arauco S.A.

Salvador Said Somavía


Designation year: 1990

Business Administration degree, Universidad Gabriela Mistral de Chile.

Has relevant experience as Director in various industries, such as: Energy; Materials; Financials; Consumer Staples. The above, along with decades of experience as Director in the Real Estate industry, makes him a fine addition to the Company's board.

Executive Director of Grupo Said; Director of Cruz Blanca Salud S.A.; Director of Scotiabank Chile, Parque Arauco S.A., Endeavor Chile, Edelpa S.A., Coca-Cola Andina S.A., Envases CMF S.A., Energía Llaima; Consultant for Centro de Estudios Públicos (CEP) and Generación Empresarial.
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Ana Holuigue Barros

Independent Director

Designation year: 2019

Economist, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Has experience as as Corporate Manager of Telefónica (Communication Services), Head of Research for COPEC (Oil & Gas industry), Marketing and Product Manager for Banco Santiago (Financials). Additionally, she has been a Director for companies such as Televisión Nacional de Chile (Communication Services) and CorpBanca (Financials), among others.

Currently, Vice-president of Comunidad Mujer and of Techo Chile, and a member of the CLAPES UC Advisory Committee, Food Network, and other foundations.
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Rodrigo Muñoz Muñoz

Non-Executive Director

Designation year: 2019

Business Administration degree, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Has extensive experience as Consultant of Real Estate companies, in addition to being CEO of two investment funds focused on Real Estate.

Currently, General Manager of Inversiones Caburga S.A. and Inversiones del Pacífico. Professor of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile's Business Administration school.
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Orlando Sáenz Rojas

Non-Executive Director

Designation year: 2009

Civil Engineering degree, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Has broad experience as an executive and Director for different companies, such as: Envases del Pacífico S.A. (Materials); Cía de Gas de Concepción (Energy) and Socometal S.A. (Materials), all of which grant him ample knowledge to assume his role on the board.

Chairman of Constructora Jardines del Bosque Ltda., O. Sáenz y Compañía Profesionales Asociados, Inversiones Orli Ltda., and Inversiones CAF Ltda.
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Luis Hernán Paúl Fresno

Independent Director

Designation year: 2016

Civil Engineering degree from the Catholic University of Chile and MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Experience leading two smaller real estate companies in the past, in addition to executive experience as Strategy and Project Control Manager at QUIÑENCO S.A. (conglomerate with presence in several industries, such as Financials, Energy, Consumer Staples, etc.).

He is a partner at Paul & Co. (consulting firm specializing in corporate governance and family business issues) and currently on the Board of Directors at Camanchaca, Empresas SB , Fondo Infraestructura, Corpora, Prohabit and the Catholic University's Corporate Governance Center.
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Guillermo Said Yarur

Non-Executive Director

Designation year: 1990

Degree in Civil and Industrial Engineering, Universidad de Chile. Post-graduate degree in Finance, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.

Guillermo Said has decades of experience as a Director in the real estate industry.

Chairman of Inversiones Ranco Uno S.A.; Director of the Chilean Golf Federation; Director and CEO of Comercial Café Mokka S.A.
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Fernando Massu Tare

Independent Director

Designation year: 2019

Business Administration degree, Universidad de Adolfo Ibañez. PMD, Harvard University.

Ample Directive and Executive experience, with a long trajectory in the financials industry with roles of CEO of CorpBanca, CFO of Santander Chile and General Manager of Citicorp.

Currently, he is Chairman of the Board of BTG Pactual, director of ALVA and member of the Adolfo Ibañez Foundation council.
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José Domingo Eluchans Urenda

Non-Executive Director

Designation year: 2010

Law degree, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Has relevant experience as Consultant and Legal Consultant for real estate companies.

Director of the publicly-traded companies Banco BBVA and Envases del Pacífico S.A.; Chairman of the Board at Inversiones del Pacífico S.A.; Director of Inmobiliaria Atlantis S.A., Parque Arauco´s controlling shareholder.
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We have a Directors’ Committee made up of three members, two of which are independent of the controlling group. The main functions of this Committee are as follows:

• Review balances and financial statements of the Company
• Recommend the external auditors and risk classifying agencies to the Board
• Analyze information related to the relevant operations
• Observe the remunerations and compensation plan systems for managers and principal executives
• Show concern regarding those matters that are related to the social status or that are entrusted to the Shareholders or Board, as appropriate.


Our Company is governed by the Corporations Law, which sets forth the conditions for our directors to be considered independent.


Any financial, professional, credit or business connection, interest in or dependence on the Company or other companies within the same group, its parent company, or directors, managers, administrators, senior executives or advisors at any of these companies.


Any kinship relationship, up to the second degree by blood or marriage with any of the individuals referred to in the previous point.


Been a director, manager, administrator or senior executive of non-profit organizations that have received significant contributions or donations from the individuals listed in point 1.


Been a partner or shareholder with direct or indirect control over 10% or more of the capital of entities that have provided legal or consulting services for significant amounts; or external auditors for the individuals referred to in point 1 or for the Company’s principal competitors, suppliers or customers; or served as director, manager, administrator or senior executive of these entities.