Social Performance


We have two main objectives in our relationship with communities. These are:

Permanent relationship: establish good relationships and active communication with neighbors.

Participation: open spaces for interaction and be a contribution to the areas where we are present.

We are a company that promotes entrepreneurship, due to its positive effect on the formal economy and local employment, and its ability to enrich our commercial offer with differentiating proposals.

Our objective is to promote our shopping centers as platforms to give visibility and spaces for marketing, training or support to emerging entrepreneurs.

Relationship with suppliers

Strengthening collaborative work with our suppliers, based on continuous improvement and building solid relationships, is key to the development of our business. We carry out joint initiatives and measure indicators that help us advance in the work we do with them, in order to have them as strategic allies in our operation.

Parque Arauco in the last 3 years has had zero employee and contractor fatalities.

Supplier management priorities

At Parque Arauco we seek to promote good practices and continuous improvement in the performance of our strategic suppliers. This approach reduces potential risks, environmental or social costs, and allows our operation to be more efficient and oriented towards better performance.

The central axes of our work in this area are the following:

  • choose suppliers of excellence
  • incentivize operational efficiency and continuous improvement
  • generate capacities aimed at operating in a sustainable way

Monitoring and progress in sustainability practices

Our program Measure What Matters is a tool that allows us to identify gaps and design continuous improvement plans, to deepen the management of the sustainability of our strategic suppliers. The execution of this initiative is carried out in alliance with Sistema B Chile, an organization that certifies companies in the measurement of their social and environmental impacts.

We have conducted 62 sustainability assessments to our strategic suppliers in the last three years with this program.

Timely Payment 

In order to maintain an agile and efficient relationship with our suppliers, we continued to make progress on our commitment to pay invoices within 30 days. 

In 2020, the percentages of supplier payments made in 30 days or less were the following:

  • Chile: 96%
  • Perú: 40%
  • Colombia: 95%
  • Total: 68%

Social Contributions and Donations

We have a work agenda that has prioritized 4 lines of action regarding investment and contribution to society: Support for local and emerging entrepreneurship, social integration and inclusion in our shopping centers, strengthening ties with our neighboring communities, support for the environment. .

We seek to focus our donations and corporate sponsorships on these lines of action. Additionally, we consider that social projects are developed in communities close to our shopping centers, so that they have a direct impact on the places where our assets are located.