Los mejores espacios
comerciales de la región

Como desarrolladores y operadores de centros comerciales, estamos presentes en Chile, Perú y Colombia. Tenemos varios proyectos en desarrollo, lo cuál combinado con el apoyo de nuestros socios estratégicos y equipo de excelencia, nos permite seguir expandiéndonos.

The Customer Experience

In Parque Arauco, innovation is reflected in initiatives that enable us to anticipate the needs of our customers and improve their shopping experience.

Carolina´s Visit

A typical Parque Arauco customer.


Our growth orientation is clear and Parque Arauco has the platform and experience to lead the region’s real estate development industry. A great deal of our efforts concentrate on leveraging business opportunities.


We focus on adding and operating real estate assets that are successful as a result of their location, design, commercial offering and operations model. Despite the challenges inherent to our sector, proper capital allocation, operating efficiency and careful financial management have enabled us to build a profitable business.


The long-term nature of our business and the type of investments we make require us to commit to a sustainability-framed management model. Our commitments to stronger corporate governance and responsible management of operational and financial risks, caring for the environment and natural resources and working closely with neighboring communities guide our culture and day-to- day decision making.