We develop and operate real estate assets in the Andean region.

Relevant Indicators

GLA (m²)454,500402,000155,5001,012,000
Occupation (%)97.2%91.9%90.9%94.1%
Revenues LTM (millions CLP)107,63051,51023,075182,215
Malls in operation2520449
Summary Table2017
Total income (millions CLP)182,215
EBITDA (millions CLP)130,226
EBITDA margin (%)71.5%
NOI (CLP MM)143,751
Controlling FFO (CLP MM)92,567
Controlling Adjusted FFO (CLP MM)84,191
Adjusted FFO margin %52.1%
Net profit (millions CLP)99,468
Net profit margin (%)54.6%
Assets (CLP MM)2,078,574
Investment Property (CLP MM)1,604,493
Liabilities (CLP MM)1,137,805
Net financial debt (millions CLP)721,317
Equity (CLP MM)940,769